We Are The Blues

School of the Blues All-Star Band Live in the Studio!

We Are The Blues is an exciting journey through some of the most celebrated songs the blues has to offer. An exciting set of vocal and instrumental tunes recorded in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Blues Festival.

We Are The Blues (Front Cover)

Song List:

  1. The Hucklebuck by Paul Williams (Earl Hooker) - C Harmonica, 2nd Position
  2. Dimples by John Lee Hooker (& James Bracken) - Bb Harmonica, 2nd Position
  3. Left Overs by Albert Collins - Low F Harmonica, 2nd Position & Bb Harmonica, 3rd Position
  4. Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson (Roosevelt Sykes) - A Harmonica, 2nd Position
  5. Chicken Shack by Errol Dixon (Jimmy Smith) - Bb Harmonica, 2nd Position
  6. Hoochie Coochie Man by Willie Dixon (Muddy Waters) - G Harmonica, 1st Position
  7. Walkin’ Blues by Robert Johnson (Paul Butterfield) - D Harmonica, 2nd Position
  8. House Party by Amos Milburn - Bb Harmonica, 3rd Position
  9. Got My Mojo Working by Preston Foster (Muddy Waters) - A Harmonica, 2nd Position
  10. Highway 59 by Dave Alexander - G Harmonica, 3rd Position

We Are The Blues (Back Cover)


  • Vocals & Guitar - John Garcia
  • Harmonica - David Barrett
  • Organ & Piano - Steve Czarnecki
  • Bass - Frank De Rose
  • Drums - Kevin Coggins

Recording Samples:

  1. Sample 1 MP3 ~2 minutes
  2. Sample 2 MP3 ~3 minutes

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