Soloing/Improvising Lessons

David Barrett is not only the founder/program director of School of the Blues and the Harmonica Masterclass Workshops, he's the world's most published author of blues harmonica instruction material. David has over 60 book/CD and videos published through Mel Bay Publications. David also writes a monthly column for Blues Revue Magazine called "Right On The Number." and is the editor of

One of the areas David specializes in is teaching players how to solo/improvise. He works with beginning to professional skill level players of all instruments. He has played most of the popular and classical instruments and has a strong knowledge of music theory and its application.

The private lessons commonly cover: phrase/melody construction, 12 bar blues understanding, scales, chord theory, dynamics, timing, how melody notes relate to their chords, soloing concepts, how to create great short solos and full instrumental songs with a head, hook, break, intro, ending, etc. David has developed soloing concepts specifically for soloing within the blues. His concepts and lesson plans have been proven over and over in their effectiveness through his private lessons and workshops around the globe. Lessons focus on using one idea at a time and really working it until it is part of your musical vocabulary.

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