One Time Private Lessons

One-time lessons are available for persons that live too far from the school to do weekly lessons or persons that wish to fly in. We are only 12 miles from San Jose International Airport.

To come in for a one-time lesson, please read the following:

  • Contact us at and let us know which instrument you play and the time period your are interested in studying.
  • An instructor will contact you and work out a schedule.
  • A non-refundable deposit (check or money order) is to be sent to your instructor at: School of the Blues, C/O (instructor's name), PO Box 1723, Morgan Hill, CA 95038. Payable to your instructor. Cost is $100 an hour for harmonica lessons and $85 for all other instruments.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

"Flying from New York to San Jose was the best thing that ever happened to my harp playing! In two days of intensive study with David Barrett, one on one, he figured out what I was doing wrong and turned on some switch in my head that fixed my bends and vibrato. Also, my soloing ideas got so much cleaner--great stuff! Live, people thought I was really good before, but the difference will be on recordings. Was I nuts to fly across country for two days "just" to take harmonica lessons? No way--the improvement in my harp playing is a permanent gift and I plan to do it again!"

Joel, harpman for The Outliers